Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Pasture-Raised. Non-GMO. Chemical and Antibiotic Free.

Note: We sold out of our turkeys and are now offering turkeys from our farmer friends--same farming practices and price as ours!

How Our Turkey Sale Works

1 Learn About The Turkeys Below

Get all the details below... on sizes, price, buying options, and more!


2 Buy or Reserve Your Turkey

  • Come by our Farm Store beginning Thurs Nov 5 and buy a Whole or Half Turkey to take home with you (skip step 3) OR

  • Reserve your turkey in our Online Store or at the Farm Store. And choose between Farm Store pickup or our Neighborhood Delivery Locations.

3 Pick Up Your Reserved Turkey

  • Pickup your reserved turkey from our FARMSTORE  Mon to Sat 11am - 5pm beginning Thurs 11/5   OR

  • Pickup your reserved turkey at the November Neigborhood Pickup Location you selected.

About The Turkeys

We work hard to keep our turkeys on lush, fresh pasture!





Whole Bird
Neck Attached
(Heart, Liver, Gizzard inside the bird)
Half Bird1

No Neck
No Giblets


10-16 OR 17-23 lbs2

9.5-14.5 lbs


$5.10 per lb $5.50 per lb

Buying Options

Farm Store

Cash, Check, Card

$35 DEPOSIT for Pickup Later
PAY IN FULL and Take Home
(Turkeys available beginning 11/5)

Online Store


$35 DEPOSIT for Farm Store Pickup
$35 DEPOSIT for November Delivery
PAY IN FULL for November Delivery3

1 Half turkeys are cut lengthwise down the middle, so that you will receive either the left or right side of the turkey (includes a breast, leg thigh, and wing).
2 Most of our turkeys fall between 12 and 22 lbs and we'll do our best to give you your size preference.
3 A cost estimate is generated and confirmed with your card on file (confirming your order IS NOT A PAYMENT). Payment is charged to your card when your specific bird is weighed ON DELIVERY DAY (amounts will be close to your estimated confirmed cost).

How The Turkeys Are Raised


We raise all our turkeys on fresh pasture, and with no chemicals, antibiotics, or GMO feeds. We pride ourselves in regularly moving our turkeys into fresh pasture.

This is the game-changing distinction between our birds and industrial organic grocery store birds. And it makes a world of difference, as the Turkeys get up to 40% of their nutrients off the pasture.

When They Are Available

Our turkeys will be available beginning Thursday October 22, through Thanksgiving.

What They Include & How They're Packaged

The turkeys will come frozen. Whole Turkeys come with necks attached, and giblets (heart, liver, gizzard). Half Turkeys come without neck or giblets. We also sell hearts and livers separately.

Half turkeys are cut lengthwise down the middle, so that you'll receive either the left or right side of the turkey, which includes a breast, leg thigh, and wing.

*See tips below on Turkey Prep for thawing and cooking suggestions.

Turkey Prep Tips

Thawing Suggestions

To thaw in a refrigerator: allow 24 hrs for every 5 lbs, to thaw in water: allow 3 hrs for every 5 lbs.

Cooking Suggestions

Pasture-raised Turkeys cook faster than industrial-raised turkeys. We highly recommend using a meat thermometer to cook to the appropriate temp, and not overcook. Generally we have found best cook times to be in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 minutes per pound.

With Half Turkeys , again we recommend using a meat thermometer. Surprisingly, its common to use twice the weight of a half turkeys to determine cook time. For example, if your Half Turkey weighs 10 lbs, you'd use 20 lbs to determine your cook time (20 lbs x 8 to 10 minutes / lb = 160 to 200 minutes).

Do I need to brine my turkey?

It's optional. Some customers brine it and love it, while others don't brine it and love it.

Turkey Prep Sample



Sample Weight

20 lb Turkey
10 lb Half Turkey

Thawing in Refrigerator

96 Hours (4 Days) 48 Hrs (2 Days)

Thawing in Water

12 Hours
6 Hours

Cook Time

160 to 200 minutes (2 Hours, 40 minutes) 160 to 200 minutes (2 Hours, 40 minutes)1
1 Half turkeys are cut lengthwise down the middle, so that you will receive either the left or right side of the turkey (includes a breast, leg thigh, and wing). It might sound confusing at first, but because of how Half Turkeys are cut, its common to use twice the weight to determine cook time-- since it takes the same amount of time to cook the meat through to the bone as if it were a whole bird.

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